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call out to her first say you're inside

> Call out that you are in there.

Bina: Yell "I'm back here! What's happening? Is there something interesting on TV?"

Bina calls out that she's back here. What's happening? Are you seeing something in the Not-A-TV?

She hears Petrovich laugh, and tell Mrs. Hyung that he is TELLING her that girl has not make it out of here yet. Isn't he telling her? She is fall unconcious again.

Mrs. Hyung hisses back that Bina is awake NOW isn't she? Then, in a louder voice, she yells again to Bina. Gregor is back! In the laundromat!

Bina's not sure what this has to do with her, what with her being trapped in magical time travel land, but Mrs. Hyung seems really concerned about it and she doesn't want to continue this conversation shouting through a door so she …

>Confirm the date by checking the calendar.


And looks at the calendar.

That has changed. She's sure of that at least.

A hole has been punched through the calendar neatly removing the seventeenth of July.

The hole continues through the rest of the pages, August through December, and into the wall.

There's something in the hole, and for a really, really, unpleasant instant she thinks that the hole itself is bleeding.

But it's not blood, or at least, mostly not blood.

It's fabric.

One of the scraps of her grandmothers scarf is wedged in the hole.

What the heck does THAT mean?

This is getting ridiculous.


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Darn the retcons. People from the future who begin reading after the retcon won't get it unless someone in the thread points it out.

Hi! Thanks for reading this thing I do!

And yeah, about the retcons. I don't know if there's going to be a LOT of them. It depends on how much you all have Bina mess with her personal timeline (modified by how much I can handle in terms of editing existing panels, ahh budget constraints).

That being said, I am planning on offloading this to a website at some point for archival purposes, and when I do that, I'm going to track how far people have read, and apply the retcons per person using cookies or some kind of slidey time-travel UI thing.

So yes! If you're reading this thread it will be confusing, but when I've got two seconds to do the equivalent of rubbing two sticks together in the world of web design, the original panels and posts will again be accessible as I have them safely stored elsewhere.