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>You know the part in men in black with a flash of light that makes you forget your memories? Yeah it's not like that at all.

"You know that thing in Men in Black that erases your memories?"


"This is not like that. At all. You should maybe not watch this, it's not… good… for people."

"Wait, you never said anything bad was going to happen. Why isn't it 'good for people'? God, I swear if you're getting off on this 'being mysterious' crap I'm so going to kick your ass."

"Yeah, this isn't going to explode or anything is it?"

The hum, at this point, had become less audible, but no less obvious or oppressive. Amie can feel the vibration in the souls of her feet, and she can hear the cutlery in the drying rack in the kitchen clinking against each other as the air vibrates at a level too low for human ears.

"Haha! No. Probably. I hope. This time… Here, wait - this is going to be a bit awkward. Elizabeth? Hold her - no this way - I need to get at her hand. Here, take her."

"What? What are you -"

"Do you have her?

"Yes - god, she's heavy."

"She's like 90 pounds!" says Amie, "I keep telling her she needs to eat more regularly but -"

"Right! I'll just remember that - are we finally ready? Can we go now? I feel like I'm about to lose all the fillings in my teeth."


"Why are you hesitating? Just do it, whatever it is you're going to do."

"It's just… the last few times we did this, it didn't go so well."