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"Uhh, I don't - is it going to break it, is it? This thing?"


Amie's phone could work really well if she has a flashlight app!

Ooh, yeah that's a good idea.

"Well, I have my phone in the other room. It's got-"

No it's not. That would completely fry her phone and probably have lots of other unintended consequences.

"Ah no, probably not a great idea, this will probably break a phone and besides, it's coming with us."

"Oh! You said it doesn't have to be big?"

"No, it could be pretty much anything."

"I have an idea! Hold on! Where'd I put them…"

"They're here somewhere! Keys, keys, keys, keys, key… Just a second. Wait - where are my shoes?"

"Can you hurry please? This humming is making my teeth itch!"

"Yes! Just a second… I know I had them last ni- aha! Here! My Handy Piggy keychain! You just sorta squeeze it and the eyes light up."

"Useful for finding your keyhole in the dark."

"Oh… uhh… thanks. That'll do just fine. Perfect."

"Why do you need a light anyway?"

"Yeah, I was about to ask that myself."