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Verify that Bina is on the couch, and alive.



"Hey Amie… you cut your hair! I like it, it's cute and… punky…"

Bina's voice is soft and scratchy.

"Heh, yeah."

"Your Mom's gunna kiiilll you…"

"It feels really weird…"

> Examine Bina

"Wait! Forget about that - what happened to you? Are you ok? You look really sick. Are these two kidnapping you?!?

The last sentence Amie says in a whisper.


"Like I said, she's gonna be pretty out of it."

"Kendra?" says Bina, worried. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah Bina, it's OK, I'm here."

"Oh," says Bina, settling down again, "That's good…"

"Is uh… is this really a time machine?"

"Hmm? Oh - yeah. Pretty cool, huh? I built it…" Bina closes her eyes, and breathes in deep. "But it wasn't really me…"

Bina appears to have fallen asleep again.


I'm reposting my previous fanart too:



Sorry Bohandas, as much as I love these two (and I do love them) I'm going to say this has to be new stuff to qualify for the raffle doohicky. Otherwise there'd a bunch of people I'd have to track down and I don't even know if they check the forums anymore.

I'm doin' the laundry thing


This is… I don't… Fuade, this is amazing. Thank you. You are entered.

Typo: You may want to close the [noparse][/noparse] tags around "…like the X-files?"


Characters of "Something Slimey" doin' the laundry.

The Monumental Swamp Laundromat must make a killing, considering that you can't take 2 steps without getting some swampmud on you.

I do want to close those tags! Thanks! And your adventure looks delightful! Thank you. You are entered.

> "What happened to Bina?"

EDIT: Alright, here's my entry:


Even dorky ninjas like Killian Thorpe have to do their laundry now and again… right?
That being said, Tanya has never actually seen her brother do anything around the house. It just happens somehow.
But this is what she pictures it would look like.

(Characters from Spacebound, my forum adventure)

Haha! This is great too. You are entered.