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A cricket bat? Oh yeah, you are totally READY for timey-wimey shenanigans.

Well she'd bought if for zombies…

> Try to get a good look at the target before busting out the cricket bat

Please don't be zombies…

>be kendra

"What are you saying it doesn't work? I thought you said you wanted the third one."

"No, I wanted the one FOR three. That would be cable 'A'. I lettered the cables and numbered the pylons. For clarity."

"Oh yes, it's very clear. How could I ever have become confused?"

"Har har, you still plugged them in wrong. Now it's all back to front. Look, just unplug that one and give it to me."

Amie recognizes neither of these voices, but, on the plus side, that means they're not zombies.


You're not asking us to do it. We're doing this bro. We're making this happen.

Aww… OK! I will do this thing. I need to find prizes (they will likely be art supply related), but here's me plan. Anyone who does any fan related things, and tells me about them, from now until the 1000th day, which is February 13th, will get entered in a draw.

I will figure out prizes over the weekend. You are all lovely people. Thank you so much.