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>So what if you call for backup? If you even manage to convince people to help you, you're trying to get information about the botfly out of Gregor, and any cavalry you call in can't safely find out about him. You don't think proffesionals are going to just let you deliberately keep them in the dark, are you?

Hmm… that's a good point.

"So hey, Elizabeth, just as a hypothetical, if you did call the cops and they did catch Gregor, what would happen?"

"He'd… get arrested? That's usually what happens when you attack federal officials with shovels and then get caught by the cops. What did you think would happen? Nobody's going to be throwing him any parades."

Ah, they're back to this kind of conversation. Goodie.

Kendra tries again, "Right - I get that - but what then? I mean, after he's arrested, he'd get interviewed right? Would you be the one to interview him?"

"Probably not."

"I asked that wrong, could you be the one to interview him? Is that within your authority as a whateveryouare?"

"I guess. If he's involved in, or interfering with, my investigation then yes, but it's not something I normally do."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not a trained interrogator, and unlike what TV would have you believe, interrogations are hard work and are easy to screw up. That, and because pulling rank on local cops without a damned good reason is an excellent way to get a whole stinking load of unofficial non-cooperation."


"What do you care anyway?"

"How… fast could that happen? I mean, if you caught him. Could you interview him today, or is there like processing time and stuff?"

"Uhh… I think I'm going to need to know where you're going with this before I answer any more questions."


god I binged this for the last… three days? I'm amazed it's four threads in now

but! I've got to say, even with time travel that I am occasionally only grasping shakily, this is just a really fun ride and a great read aaaand mad props for keeping it up every day for so long. I basically had to log back into my account for the first time in… idk, over half a year, just to post here. keep it up aaand I am definitely going to read until the end!

Aah! Hey! Thanks for reading! A lot! I am always amazed when people make it through the whole thing!