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So… in other words, this is the first time there's actually something real?

We don't necessarily know that - we just know that she gets a lot of bogus calls from Officer Numbskull.

"Err… was it ever like… for real?"



"Yes! Maybe! Did you miss the part about 'subjective'? It means unverifiable!"

>Well uh, you happened to finally find something actually batfuck crazy, time doesn't actually pass in here. Congrats.

Yeah, cheer up, you totally found a real one this time.

"Uhh… well congrats! You have definitely found something real this time! Like, definitely, one hundred percent, true."


Elizabeth's tone could not be less then enthusiastic.

"I don't get it, shouldn't you be over the moon about this? You're in an alternate reality! You're sitting next to the maybe time echo ghost of a kidnapping Russian guy's dog! You're - well ok, I'm not supposed to mention that but there's a whole lot of other stuff going on too - isn't this everything you've been looking for?!"

"Yeah, well…"

"Well what?! This is amazing! This whole situation is scary and terrifying, yeah, and contains quite a lot more falling from high places than I am entirely comfortable with, but it's amazing! Time travel is real! Monsters are real! If Piotyr down there is actually a ghost it…"

"I mean, just think about what that means! It could all be real! Why aren't you jumping up and down about this?"


"Well what!? I am honestly baffled."

"Pics or it didn't happen."