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> Elizabeth: have no idea how to prove you're the right person.

"I have no idea how to do that," says Elizabeth after a few seconds. "I can tell you that handling the situation in the incide- in the pit you were in - is my job."

"People can be bad at their jobs."

"Look, what do you want me to say here?" asks Elizabeth with more then a little exasperation colouring her voice. "You're being so vague I have no idea what would even be relevent!"

Kendra sighs, "I don't know all right? I'm making this up as I go along too."

> Elizabeth: I almost got my head bashed in by a shovel-wielding maniac and I have a right to know why

"I was attacked. My team is missing. I should - no I deserve - to know what's happening!"

"I know and I want to tell you! I'm sorry about this. I just - this is big, OK? I am not used to big. I don't like big. I am trying to be cautious."

"Well you being cautious could get a lot of people killed if you keep operationally important information from me."

"Yeah, and giving you information could get a lot more people killed. Look why don't you tell me what you know. If you already know everything we know then there's no problem."

"I can't give classified information to a civilian."

"A civilian? Look, can you cut the 'I'm a scary soldier' act? I get that you're scared, but we don't have time to dance this dance."

"Act?! What act?"

"Where to start?" says Kendra, sighing again. "You're too short, your hair's too long, you drank the stuff I gave you without making me drink it first, you're wearing shoes not boots, and most importantly, you left the scissors over there on the floor when you were looking at the Viewer!"

"You are not a soldier."

"Ah - well…" Elizabeth seems to be trying to come up with an appropriate answer to that and failing.

"We're in a pretty goddam weird situation here. I'm scared! You're scared! My friend is sick. Can you just talk to me like a human being?"