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Another blanket? Is it good to bundle up somebody who has a fever?

Usually, yeah, but with a fever that high…

Kendra settles for getting her a glass of water.

"Drink this."


"Now Bina."

"OK, OK…"

From downstairs, they hear the sound of Elizabeth's voice, "Hey! What is wrong with this television?"

"That's not a television!" calls Kendra through the door, "Please don't touch anything!"

"Are you almost done up there?"

"Yes! Just hold on a minute," yells Kendra before turning to Bina who is finishing her water. "Are you going to be OK for a few minutes Bina?"

"Mmmhmm… I'm just s-super."

"OK, finish the water and then try to rest," she says before turning to the door and yelling, "Be right there!"