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>Tell Josephine what's really going on.

Bina would like too, she thinks Josephine should know, about the laundromat, about the skull-thing, but the wind is stealing the breath from her mouth. If this is what getting deleted from history feels like it REALLY sucks.

Bina hears Josephine shouting. She's caught on that Bina can't hear her. She yells a question. Even shouting, Bina only makes sense of what she's saying by reading her lips when she repeats herself.

What does Bina need?

Bina feels another sensation start. Not a sound, because her ears are already full of the sound of wind. A kind of squeezing pressure across her whole body, coming in waves.

Bina has only one mouthful of air left. Enough for maybe one sentence.


Eurgh. I just realized that I borked the Piotr's relative scale entirely in the last update. She's a beagle, but she looks the size of a yorkie. Bleurgh.