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Oh that's not good. That's not good at all.
>Check her temperature.

"I'm going to check your temperature again, ok?"


Kendra goes to get the thermometer.


Might as well fill her in since she's awake. She likes being informed and will be happy to hear Elizabeth is awake.

"Elizabeth is awake."


"Yeah. She's got at least a pretty nasty concussion, but she's up and talking. She actually sorta ran away on me but she's OK and I talked her down."


"She's downstairs making friends with a bottle of gatoraid and the rest of the whisky. She lost a lot of blood and is a little loopy."


"Yeah! We have gatoraid! It surprised me too."


"Yeah, well, I think she's just humouring me right now because she isn't really in a state to fight. God, I have no idea how to explain any of this to her. I can barely explain the time travel stuff to myself, and the botfly just makes all of this sound so crazy… and the naughts? The Hound? How do I explain any of that to someone? She's going to think I'm a crazy person."


"What? Here, gimme that. It should be done by now."

Up half a degree from when Kendra put her to bed. Judging by the fact she's still shiverring, her fever hasn't stopped climbing.

That's… not an encouraging sign.

"What were you trying to say?"

"S-s-shouldn't t-t-tell her."