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"An angel."

"Yeah, he's not entirely wrong exactly."

"How isn't he wrong?"

"Well… it all sort of depends on how you define an angel. Are you feeling ok? You're not looking so great."

"My head really hurts, I need a drink, and I'm feeling a little nauseous."

"There's water back in the house, we could continue this there."

Elizabeth makes a noncommittal grunting noise.

"There is also whisky back at the house."

"All right."

"Not going to fight me."

"I doubt I could even if I tried."

"Are you going to stab me with those scissors if I try to help you up?"

"I will graciously hold off on the stabbing for now."

"So how do you define an angel?"


"You said before, it all depends on how you define an-"

Dave Rapp:
But he's actually working for a-


…say it with me…


[size=5]GIANT BUG FROM SPACE![/size]

"Oh right, well… not being a giant bug from space would be a good start."