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> Don't move closer, show that you mean no ill towards her. Just try and get her to come away from that all consuming edge.

>Stay right there, don't move any closer, just in case that prompts her to do something rash.
>"Fine! But whatever you do, don't move!"

"OK! OK. I'm… I'm not coming any closer just don't back up OK? That thing behind you isn't a wall. It can and will kill you if you touch it."

"What the hell is going on?! Who are you? Is this the site? What is that if it isn't a wall? What have you done with my team!?"

Kendra tries to think of which one of those questions she can answer and decides on the simplest.

"I'm Kendra. I was uh… I was downstairs and we talked on the phone. The phone on the crane? You brought us up in the gondola on the crane because we were trapped, remember?"


> Does she suffer from memory loss? I mean, she did see you right? Calmly ask her what she remembers and to please not move.

"Umm… does that mean you remember or…?"

"It means 'OK'. Where is my team?"

"Your team?"

"The people down in the incident site. There are two of them. A husky guy and a woman with braids. They would have been wearing hazmat gear. Where are they?"