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Could she have gotten into one of the houses?

Maybe, but why? She could have broken a window or something…

>How well was she cleaned up and/or how cleanly were the stitches done? There might be a trail of blood to follow.

The stitches are fine! A little messy maybe, but she's never stitched SKIN before and scalps are surprisingly stretchy.

Besides, she put a bandage over it. The bandage is, admittedly, held on with scotch-tape, but surgical tape is in surprisingly short supply in the Moment right now.

The moment is centered around the laundromat, right? Maybe she was trying to get to the construction yard behind it, where the hole is. Where she knows. I doubt it's still there completely with how small the moment is now, but it might be where she's trying to go.

Right! That makes sense! She's probably trying to call for help.

Now, would she have gone around or…


The gate to the alley is open.