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Kendra closes the door to Bina's room and sags against the wall.

Christ, she's never done anything like this before. This is awful, she has no idea if what she's doing is helping. She should be doing more for Elizabeth AND for Bina, but what? She doesn't want to do medicine, she wants to make planes. Planes are simple.

She's not remotely qualified to handle any of this.

Thankfully, she's knows someone who is, and they very nearly might forgive her for dumping all this in their lap.

Now all she has to do is break physics a whole bunch in order to get to them. She'll need a time machine, one of the big ones from the basement, and she'll need to move it to the street.

That's going to be an annoying job, and time consuming. She should start now, if she takes a break or stops moving she's never going to start again.

Argh, she should also check on Elizabeth and make sure she's still breathing as well. Getting Bina cleaned up and into bed took longer then she'd expected.

Which one first?