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After a few minutes, when Bina's head starts to nod down toward her chest again.

"OK, you done?"

> Bina: Keep arguing.

"Yeah, but -"

"All right, come on. We're taking a look at your knees, you're downing the rest of the antibiotics, then you're going to bed."

"But what about Elizabeth?"

>Elizabeth, don't die I the next little while

"She's all right where she is for now."

"But she's lying on the sidewalk…"

"Which is hard. For the moment, that's the best I can do for her in terms of not making any spinal injuries she has any worse. Come on, up."

"Shouldn't leave her…"

"Which is why you should stop arguing and let me get back to helping her."

"Can't go to hospital Kendra. I'm all… glowey. If I go to the hospital.. bad stuff'll happen."

"Let me worry about that OK? You just worry about you right now. Do you need me to carry you up the stairs?"

"No," says Bina, offended, but in the end, it's a very close thing.