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Bina spends several minutes entering commands.

Good news! There's some reality left.

She gives a dry chuckle, "Well, a little good news! We didn't destroy all of the things!"

Kendra tries to muster some enthusiasm. "Yay."

"Bad news is… jeeze, we mucked up that whole area pretty bad, and uh… we increased overall entropy by a lot. I don't think we should go anywhere near there again."

"Good idea. How is the Moment doing?"

"Err… lemme check. Hmmm, not so great, Elizabeth is still on a jump, so it's under a lot of pressure again…"


"It's just one person this time, so its not as bad as before with the two of us, it's just - eurgh…"

Bina pauses and her face goes blank.

"Are you going to throw up? Because if so I have the bowl right -"

"No, just… I'm - I'm ok. Where do you want the exit to go?"