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Well the bleeding's stopped. She is still breathing. But she still needs to recover a lot of blood.

You think the moment will be able to make more like it does with water?

Make more blood? Probably not. Her bone marrow will, but only with fluids and time.

Can't you make someone swallow by closing their nose or does that only work when they are conscious?

Kendra is pretty sure that's only while they're conscious. The idea in that case is 'You'll suffocate unless you swallow', but people who are unconscious can and do choke on things without regaining consciousness. That's why you always put people who are passed out in the recovery position, so they don't choke on their own vomit.

Pleasant thought.

>need hospital, Bina probably shaved 20 years off her life with all of this at least, It's amazing she's alive


She's a tough little thing, but she's incredibly reckless. Kendra has a hard time getting a read on her. It's not just her anxiety disorder either, Kendra knows quite a few people with mental health problems and this is something else.

Is she convinced she's invincible or does she have some kind of death wish?

Kendra notices that she's still shivering. That means the fever is still rising, which isn't good news. She needs to check how high her fever is, get her into bed, and get more fluids into her, and…

… and she's forgetting something important.

Kendra glances over at the Moment.

But before she does any of that, she needs to make sure their exit is safe.