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"I'm awake!"

"I know."

She hadn't been.

"Is she ok?"

"Still breathing."

"Has she moved or said anything?"

"No. She just lays there bleeding."

> Give the bottled water to Bina

"I'm going to do something about that now. Go lean against the fence and drink this."

Bina takes the bottle of water and crawls over to the fence without saying anything. The fact that she doesn't complain or insist on helping does more then the fainting to convince Kendra that Bina is not doing very well.

She tries not to think about that as she pulls the fishing line out of her bag of supplies and sets to work.


Finally caught up with the story again. For the record, it took me five days of roughly three hour reading sessions to get through the whole thing from the beginning.(snip)

Hey! Thank you for reading. Jeepers. Fifteen hours? Yikes.

Thanks for catching up and thanks for telling me about it. :pleasant: