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Towels, yes, and water. No time to boil it. She gets a steel mixing bowl and fills it with water.

But that should be all right, weirdness that is the periphery of the Moment allows things like light, and even water and air, to enter, and enter continuously, but no micro-organisms, no cars piling up at the edges of the affected streets. No piles of clothing even, on sidewalks, as people walk into the effect.

It shouldn't work, Kendra isn't a physicist, but this bubble world should have way more problems then it does.

Bina thinks the Botfly is screwing with them, playing pretend, letting them think that they understand what's going on. It's an uncomfortable thought, not just because it means they can't really trust that any of this stuff, the Moment, the time machines, any of it, will work, but because a trick or scheme requires an agenda. Kendra isn't keen on something like the Botfly having the intelligence necessary for goals.

Kendra shakes her head to clear her thoughts and hurries outside.