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>Wait, wasn't this place sterile before you arrived? How much do we actually have to disinfect?

Hopefully not much, but this area is near the entrance and all the other Bina's probably tracked bacteria in and around this area over the last few years.

The wound needs to be disinfected because basically everything in the world is covered in filthy bacteria, including Gregor's filthy shovel, and as soon as the skin was broken that bacteria potentially got into the wound. The wound is, presumably, already infected..

She's going to disinfect the needle, because she's handled all of them when she was looking for supplies, but she mainly needs to disinfect the wound. That shovel didn't look very clean.

Do you remember seeing anyone in the neighborhood with fishing supplies? Specifically fishing line? If not, just go with the crappy plan.

Funny you should mention that. The people who lived in this house (live in this house? Time travel is weird.) aren't drinkers, but Kendra remembers seeing fishing poles in the closet when they first were checking this house out. Then when she went downstairs to look at the time machines she saw these.

This is the bad plan.

She knows she only needs the one reel, but she takes both, just in case.


There should be their. Meagre and Fibre are I assume the correct spellings for UK/Commonwealth English but they look wrong to me as an American English speaker. :bemused:

Thank you for the 'there', that particular pair of words has been frustrating me since grade school.

There's an american spelling of 'meagre'? Weeeeird.