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Whoo, now that we've fixed the glaring continuity error, we can use the scarf to slow down Liz's injury!

Yeah, with no other immediate options, it might be the best choice at the moment.

I say use the scarf if that makes most sense. Bina will understand. The entire reason she was given the scarf was to bandage her wounds.

The scarf is… weird, but it's also the only option right now unless…

>Maybe ask Piotyr to get some pillows if he/she understands what you mean?

"Any chance you could get me a towel or something Spooky?"

Piotyr stares at her and then barks.

"Didn't think so. Scarf it is then! Sorry Bina."

She'll understand. Probably. Maybe. If she lives.

Kendra rolls up the scarf (it's only a few feet long again) and presses it against Elizabeth's head.

All right, that's a little better. Now to get them both inside…