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> What were those things?

What were those flashing black things? Shadow-creatures?

What were what things?

The man says that he must go. Now. Home, for a minute. He needs… dryer sheets.

Maybe girl should go too? Yes? Leave?

Bina says no, she doesn't need dryer sheets. She's going to stay here and maybe nap or something.

The man looks anxious and then tells her that she is not to be going into the employees places. That is not allowed.

Bina agrees, of course she's not going into employee only places. She just wants to do her laundry and leave.

The man seems satisfied with this and walks, almost runs, out of the laundromat.

>Have a nap

> Bita: Immediately fall unconscious without regard to surroundings.

Bina nods and sits down on the chair-bench-thingies. They (it?) are precisely as comfortable as they look. Which is only slightly less comfortable then objects specifically designed for torture.

Should she really try to sleep here?

Eurgh. Her neck is going to kill her tomorrow in class.

Bina tries to get comfortable.


Hey! Bina just remembered that there's a vending machine in here somewhere, down near the back of the store. They might have something with caffeine.