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Step 0.5: Throw the med kit at Kendra.

"This mattress and I, we are really never going to be friends! Get off!"

"I'm leaving the first aid kit by the entrance ok!?"

"Be careful on your way out or you'll bury it in boxes!"

"What? Why?!"

Step 1: Make sure door is locked.

"We have company! Now get her out of there!"


:snop with clever things:

Also, by the transitive property, your story is Portuguese.

That explains so much…

<Very valid points about updating less frequently but with larger updates.>

Were I starting an adventure today, or offering advice to another artist I would suggest that they work that way, with larger blocks composing a complete moment. That, or use an art style so simple and fast that you can create a large number of images in a very short time period, like RubyQuest.

It's not an option for me. I made a deal with myself that I'd do the daily updates thing until this was finished and I intend to stick with that.

I get that this update schedule isn't for everyone, and I think there are a fair number of people who do what royalPawn suggests and just don't follow along every day, and instead catch up with the thread intermittantly.

I am super grateful to everyone who follows along in whatever method works for them.

Whew! That was a rough couple of days… well from my perspective, or well the "roughness" from the characters' perspective and the "couple of days" from mine.

Excellent adventure, and I am excited for where it goes. I tend to always love a self consistent time travel story that doesn't just handwave everything away into "multiverse."

No commands as of yet, just waiting for when we open the Elizabeth Box.

Hurray! Hallo Unclever Title! Thank you so much for catching up!

More* Movie Themed All-Night laundry Fanart



Improved version



Improved it a bit more:



* My last one was back at http://www.mcmittens.com/showthread.php?58326-All-Night-Laundry-THREAD-3-Updated-27-6-2015&p=7768901&viewfull=1#post7768901

* laughs for, like, literally five minutes *

Well played.