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I'm pretty sure she already told us her name.

Bina thinks that she DID mention her name at some point but she can't remember what it was.

> Tell her your name. Maybe she'll tell you hers.

Bina decides to plow on through her embarassment, her face burning. Better get the introductions out of the way. She knows that SHE hasn't introduced herself yet.

Bina tells holds out her hand and says that her name is Bina Miryala and she's sorry but she doesn't have time to explain who she is. She thinks that something really bad is happening here. Did happen. Is about to happen. God she hates time travel.

The woman doesn't hesitate and grips her hand. Bina is not normally one for handshakes but as far as handshakes go, this one isn't bad, even if it is weird and left-handed.

The woman introduces herself as Josephine Dubois, and as she's probably guessed, this is her sugar factory, and did Bina just say 'time travel', like in 'Looking Backward'?

When Josephine takes her hand Bina feels a small jump, like static electricity, and flinches, but the other woman doesn't seem to notice.

Which is weird… when Bina thinks about it.

The wind starts to pick up.