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> Wait… "no clothes?" Is she perceiving you as naked?!

Bina is entirely derailed by this thought. Wait, she can't see… she can't see my…

Bina asks her if she can see her clothes. Like the ones here, on her body?

The woman who is trying not to smile, explains that she can see her shift just fine, it's not invisible or anything, and her trousers too, so there's no need to squirm like that.

But, she's not got a jacket, nor a hat, not even a hair ribbon. She'd thought that Bina had just shucked her skirts and coat for a second to keep the blood from ruining them, but Bina's got no coat, nor skirts at all, does she?

It dawns on Bina that her old yellow shirt might be all right for the middle of the night in midsummer 2013, but in 1911, in broad daylight, they're barely more then underwear. And didn't women get in trouble for wearing pants back then?

Back… now?

Her skin tingles.

Bloody time travel. Bloody stupid time travel!