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"I'm - "

"- fine. I'm ok! How are we doing?"

"We're two minutes out. We're cutting it a little fine here."

"I had… I had some trouble finding a good hiding space for the time machine."

> Kendra: I think that long pause implies "no".

"Riiiiiight," says Kendra, in a tone of considerable doubt. "Well, we're all set for the most part, everything's wired and the medical supplies are prepped. No sign of naughts or dangerous doggies yet either. Or Gregor for that matter. It's been quiet."


Bina looks tired. You guys should rest…. oh wait, you can't. Oh my.

"We're all good except for the third time machine, the one up there."

"It still need's unlight."

"Of course it does," sighs Bina. "You said we have two minutes?"

"Yeah, can you manage the ladder or do you want to use the flashlight from down here?"