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> "And if I had the ability to save you without getting caught too, I would have!"

"I wanted to help you but I couldn't! I didn't have anything to fight with and-"

"I know! I'm not blaming you. I'm -"

"I was going to come back! I didn't just abandon you!"

"I know. OK?"

"You did the right thing there."

Had to do it. Couldn't have happened any other way.

"It doesn't matter anyway," says Bina. "I still got caught."

"It was still the right decision." says Kendra. Then, as though forced to continue, she says, "I mean, OK, I admit I was confused as hell when I heard you shouting, and also I was scared out of my mind that Gregor might just straight up murder me right then and there because someone had seen him, but -"

"I'm really sorry -"

"But, with the benefit of hindsight, I still think it was the right decision."