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> Well, do the signal now, no time to lose!

Bina begins to flutter her fingers.

Long, short short short, long, short short short.

Wait, she has to slow down so Kendra can see it.

She forces her fingers to slow down.

Looong, shoort shoort shoort…

Long, short short short…

Come on! Work!

Long, short short short!

There she is!


The problem is that (as far as I can tell) it's not in chronological order, from any perspective, (neither from Bina's perspective, nor Kendra's perspective nor an absolute/outside perspective)

It is not! I've been going non-linear with the narrative WHILE the characters are going non-linear with their own timelines. That's quite a bit too much non-linearity and I'm not recommending that anyone attempt to emulate this Chapter at all.

Getting experimental in non-interactive media is fine and can be a lot of fun, but in an interactive medium like this one, it's just not a great idea.

It's important to keep to experiential continuity so people know what's going on.

Also, I had a dream last night that was very clearly inspired by this adventure. In involved a college age girl named Bo who found an object that ended up messing up spacetime both forwards and backwards in time. In doing so, it changed Bo's past, only for her new self to find the object, changing things further and making yet another iteration of her, and so on. With each new iteration, she found out more and more about what was going on and began to try to stop the cycle. I wrote out the full details of the dream [POST="7855257"]here[/POST].

That is a really cool dream! I would recommend that you make an adventure out of it except time travel adventures are really tiring!