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"It's not going to be that easy Bina."

"I'll be fine! I'm strong! I can do it. Look! I can do jumping jacks! You want me to do jumping jacks?"

"No, I don't want you to do jumping jacks. It should be me - but, we don't exactly have a choice here."

"Err… why not?"

"In case you've forgotten, you're the only one who can power a time machine. I lack the necessary ‘woo woo'."

"Oh!" says Bina, feeling a bit like an idiot. "Right."

"So how will you send a signal?"

"I just need to make some paradox. See those lights? They'll light up whenever the flywheel starts taking paradox."

"That's it? Jeeze Bina. That won't be easy to do precisely, and if it blows a fuse -"

"All I need is a piece of time. Anything that damages time registers as a paradox. So all I gotta do is crack one of the spare ones from one of the time machines downstairs and-"

"Crack a piece of time?"

"Well, yeah, I mean not all the way, just enough so-"

"That's like juggling the fuel rods at a nuclear reactor because you forgot your flashlight!"

"It's not THAT bad. It's just-"

"Wait, thinking of flashlights. Doesn't the green light from your hand damage time whenever it's visible?"

"Err… yeah?"

"So whenever you emit any of it, that'd show up on those paradox feedback lights, right?"

"Well… yeah. I guess. Yeah."

"In that case, can't you just signal with a regular old flashlight or, you know, your hand?"

"Yeah! That'll be a lot easier!"

"And less likely to lead to escalating shenanigans. We don't want a repeat of our last trip."

"No we do not."

"So what's the signal?"


"The signal. We've got the world's most dangerous telegraph here. So what's the signal?"


I have a strange desire to build those time machines in real life.

If you do, send me pics!