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This is somewhat after that. That incident had involved very little running and hardly any screaming at all, but had involved a good deal of shivering and damp.

"So T-three is kinda a j-j-jerk, right?"

"S-s-so many l-l-l-leggo's…"

But this scene with the time machines takes place later, in the moment about six perceptual hours, but only thirty real-world minutes. They are both dry and warm and in Kendra's case, wearing fresh clothes.

"Why do you need a time machine Bina?"

"Because I need to be there to catch her!"

"No you don't, we can just grab her from this end. It's a time machine, it works both ways."

"But we don't know her exact location, AND we don't know exactly when she falls."

"Yeah, but - "

"And we can't leave the portal open for very long! We go back down in the crane almost right away, and even with my hair in the way, I'd see a honking great portal."

As it turns out, Bina is very wrong about this.

"So if it needs someone to target it, it should be me who goes then."


"Well for starters, all of my ribs are intact."

"I'm fine! My ribs hardly hurt anymore."

"That's not the point."

"Well what is the point then?"

"The point is Bina, you're not invincible!"