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Kendra> Bina was totally 100% invested behind this plan and nothing could go wrong, how do you feel about this?

"So, wait, the plan now involves three time machines?"

"Yup! And I think I found which ones we should use too."

Bina had been down in the basement kicking and prodding the various time machine's her other iterations had stock piled for the last few hours after their planning session.


"But why three?"

"Well Elizabeth needs two. One to grab her and-"

"- and one to nullify her momentum. Yeah, I get that part, but last time I checked, our plan only needed two time machines, and now there's a third. What's the third one for?"

"Oh, that one's for me."

"Binaaaaaa…." Kendra tries, but she can't keep the exasperation out of her voice.


Be more THAN enough.

Merci mon ami.