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>Hey remember when you got stuck in that pipe? Man those are great memories right?

No! No, not thinking about that. She can't afford a panic attack right now.

She's just got to signal Kendra and then they can get this thing done.

Exhausted, she slips down from the pump and when she lands, her knees almost buckle.

Gotta get this done. Then she can take a rest in the strange unfamiliar bed of the house in the Moment.

Pick up your glow stick and boogie painfully slither on down those stairs.

Right. Can't leave that there. Might do some weird paradox thing. Not supposed to have lights in these windows.

She reaches out -

- and grabs it.


I just wanted to announce that Steven Universe has become All Night Laundry. Kind of.


Jack inspired the one good show on Cartoon Network. :D

*watches it*

Wow! There are a number of eerie similarities in that episode. That's a really fun episode too. God, I love Steven Universe sooo much!

Their storytelling is amaaaaazing!