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Easy peasy. Super simple. Just like riding a bicycle.

Through time.

Hah ha… ha. Yeah.

in 4d space

Just like that.

Bina quite likes bicycles, but all things considered, she's going to enjoy getting off of this one.

Standing up sucks. She has to hold onto the railing and haul herself up out of her crouch like an old lady, shaking and puffing. The pain leaves her breathless and gasping, leaning on the railing, her knees on fire.

Off in the distance, her former self is about to try to convince Kendra that jumping out of a swinging gondola, in the pouring rain, into the dark, is a good idea.

That had been terrifying. She tries to remember how that felt, to reach back into that moment, but she can't. Even looking at it now she feels like there's a soundless barrier between her and what happened. Like it had happened at a distance. Like it happened to someone else.

She wonders how many of her other selves had done similar things, and how they felt about them.

That had not been a good idea, but it had worked, somehow, against the odds.

This thing they're doing now. This isn't a good idea either. It's too big, too flashy, and has too many moving parts. That had been part of the appeal, the audacity of it, a kind of screw you to the Botfly. Gregor had bragged that he'd gotten Elizabeth before, lots of times, but not this time.

This time they save her.

She just hopes her luck can hold out long enough for them all to make it out safely.