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>It's time travel. You can't be late.

"Besides it's time travel. I can't be late."

There, finally away. She hadn't practiced packing the time machine back in it's case, and it is very fiddly, especially if you wanted to keep it running, which she did.

This time machine will keep Elizabeth in the future, Bina's present, but she can't take it back with her. Apparently, taking an active time machine on a jaunt through time is a big no-no. Nine's notes about this were quite emphatic, so they're not even going to try it.

All she needs to do is find somewhere to stash the time machine where it won't be seen for the next few hours. Once she's done that, all she just has to signal Kendra to cancel her trip, and then she'll be back in the smokestack with time to spare before Elizabeth shows up.

Easy peasy. Super simple. Just like riding a bicycle.

This is a good plan, a Top Secure plan! It cannot fail! It's as safe as houses!

If she doesn't think very hard, she can almost believe it.