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"So this third time machine will trigger when she passes those motion sensors?"

"Assuming you're here to provide the unlight, yeah," says Kendra. "Otherwise it'll just go 'bzz!' and probably blow a fuse of something. And then Elizabeth will splatter."

"She won't splatter! We have all those boxes and mattresses and stuff."

They had ended up going with cardboard boxes underneath foam mattresses. The idea being that the mattresses might fold in around her when she hit them. Kendra had assured Bina that just cardboard boxes would be fine, but Bina had insisted on adding the mattresses, for the look of the thing.

One hundred and sixty boxes, four layers deep. They're all empty, so they will collapse immediately on impact.

Bina had expected it to take hours to fold all those boxes, but they had done it in just twenty minutes.

"It's fine! Besides, it won't matter. I'll be back in loads of time."


*Note: it's "no more than"