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"Do you think this thing is going to be tall enough?"


"And you don't think she'll get whiplash from gravity changing on her all at once?"

Actually, thinking more about it, I don't think whiplash would be a big factor. Since the velocity change would happen all at once, as opposed to Portal where the legs would hit the new gravity before the rest of the body, I don't think she'll be whipped around all that much. She'd just go from accelerating to decelerating. So she'd probably experience some discomfort, but it shouldn't do a lot of overall harm.

"No more than you get when you jump up and down. Gravity is constant, we're not affecting her velocity at all, just her acceleration. She'll pull exactly two G's, and that's only for an instant. A baby can take two G's."

"All right but what if-"

"She's going to be fine Bina! Stop worrying!"

"But are you sure this is going to work? We only get one shot at this."

"Hey! This was your plan, remember?!"

"Yeah, but - I mean…" she trails off. "This is pretty nuts, right?"

"Sure. Here you go."

"Thanks," says Kendra. "Anyway yeah, it's pretty nuts."


I have to do another retcon people. A real metatextual one, not an in-fiction one.

I did not anticipate this variation on the plan at all (it is a very clever plan, well done Fuade, my hat is off to you) so I need to make a small change to update [post]821[/post]. That's the one where Kendra says that "Elizabeth" is late. I'm changing that to Bina being late, as that makes more sense with the new plan. Aside from that, everything else stays the same.

I also want to say thanks for everyone for sticking with me through this weird non-linear section. I wanted to try something like this as an experiment and it's… been interesting.