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Plan: involve legos. Or banana suits.

"Is there any way we could involve the Banana suit in this plan?" asks Bina.

"The what?" asks Kendra, not really paying attention.

It's several subjective hours and a surprisingly small amount of shenanigans later. They're back in the Moment trying to figure out a way to save Elizabeth.

"Eh, never mind," says Bina, and yawns. "This is getting really complicated Kendra."

"I'm pretty sure if we stick it at a 60 degree angle we can keep her inside the smokestack. I think it's possible! We just have to get the angle and velocity just right and she'll land right on the ledge."

Well just flipping her momentum to where she flies upward would be too hard to calculate effectively.

"And if we get them just wrong she'll smack right into the wall, or miss the ledge entirely and fall another forty feet!"