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> Three: "Was there any time you weren't in imminent danger?"
> Bina: "Uh… no?"

"Has there been any period of time in which you haven't been in mortal danger?" asks Three, her voice dry and sounding bone tired.

"Err…" says Bina.

"Eeeeeeh…" says Kendra.

"There was that ten minutes inside the garage!"

"We were surrounded by naughts!"

"Yes, but they were outside the garage."

"I don't think that counts."

> Do some frantic battle planning, then.

"Eurgh. OK!" says Three. "You're going to have to extract yourselves somehow. I think you can probably escape into the -"

> How do we go back to our Primary Temporal Position? Was there some sort of timer on that thing?

"Wait!" says Bina, "Tell us what 'Primary temporal position' is and how we get back to it!"

"Why do you want to know now?"

"It might be important!"

"It IS important! It's your rest state on the time-line. When you jump, you're under tension. You've shoved your way into another point in time but you're supposed to be back when you were before. Eventually the tension gets strong enough to boot you back into your own time. A time machine can extend your jump for a while, but, with a very small number of exceptions, all jumps are temporary. "

"That's what makes the wind, right?" say Bina. "The wind that squeezes you back to your own time."

"Err… yeah, it's not really wind exactly but-"

"But what about when we went back together?" asks Kendra. "To just when you arrived at the Laundromat. After we'd tidied everything up, it was just like poof and we were just back. There wasn't any wind."

"And we left stuff behind!" says Bina. "I lost a tooth!"

"That's what happens when you're in a -" Three breaks off in the middle of what she was saying. "Look! We don't have time for this! We have just over two and a half minutes left before you get tossed! Do you want to talk about this or do you want me to tell you how to get away from the Hound? I'm pretty sure I can do one or the other, but not both."

"So tell us how to deal with Piotyr!" says Bina. "But keep in mind that, uh… I can't really run."