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is… the moment ending?

"Uhh. So this is what Seven was talking about, right? I think the Moment is about to splut. Should we… I dunno, brace for impact?"

"I'm going to ask Three."

"But she's-"

"She'll be ok. This is important."

"Are you sure? She looked really -"

"Yes! I'm sure. It might even make her feel better!"


"Because it's something she can fix!"

"Hey! Past-me?"

There is a sound from the television of a flushing toilet, and then, "Just give me a second!"

"Can you make it a quick second?" asks Bina. "Come on! We need your help! The Moment's going all kinds of screwy. Everything is waving around like… well… sort of like heat haze but with added horrible and unnerving."

"What, already!? It shouldn't be happening that fast!"


Continuity Question:


In one update, Rescue!Kendra in the past said that 'Catherine' was late, and that was an issue. But Moment!Kendra discussing these things with Bina, maybe B3 too, said 'Elizabeth'. Are they saving entirely different people in different iterations?

Ha! Thanks for catching this. This was just an oversight on my part. I was using some old notes as reference where I'd been using the wrong name. Our falling friend is Elizabeth, not Catherine, and it is she whome Kendra is waiting for.