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Past loops are locked in place, but the past loops can interact with the future loops

I think, my memory's gotten bit fuzzy on the exact wording of the message.

"Wait - you," Bina cuts herself off. "That works on LOOPS, not just internally to one timeline!? You can lock loops into place if you observe them?"

"Errr… can we slow-down for a second?"

"For the benefit of those people who are not inside your head, what the heck are you two talking about?" asks Kendra.

"That piece of paper that I found in the wall!" says Bina, gesturing and miming opening a small slip of paper. "It was in the wall, way back when I first went to the factory. It said that crossing your own time-line was super dangerous. Going back was bad, but if you go forward then, like, you're stuck. You can't change what happens. Dammit! I can't remember the exact wording but it was something like -"

"Do not cross own history. Back bad, forward worse. Events lock. [paradox formula]" Thread 1 page 35.

"Do not cross own history. Back bad, forward worse. Events lock." says Three, from the television speakers, her tone almost a sing-song. It's clear from how she says it, that, to her, those words are familiar, worn smooth with repetition.

"Oh," says Kendra, things clicking into place, "Well shit."

"Well summarized," says Three, and then, from the speakers, comes a sound like the ghost of laughter.

"So, wait," says Kendra, "Doesn't that mean the second you looked into the next loop you, uhh, you kinda…"

She trails off, not wanting to finish the thought.

Three finishes it for her. "Yes," she says, "I have doomed myself."