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"And NOW what am I doing?"

"You're putting on your insulated gloves."

>Kendra: Make sure you're wearing insulated gloves! You don't want to zap yourself!

"I'm putting on my insulated gloves so that the capacitors don't zap me! And whyyy am I doing that?"

"I get it, ok!? Safety precautions! They're important! I understand!"

"Well clearly you don't because you just hit a valuable, dangerous and irreplacable piece of equipment WITH A HAMMER!"

Bina has nothing to say to that.

"Whatever - Here goes."

"I can't feel anything. Just broken components."

"Try left. Your left."

"Wait - OK yeah. OK. I got something."

"I told you there was a switch!"

"All right. I'm going to pull it."


"I just wish we knew why Three built it this way in the first place," says Kendra. She pauses for a moment and then speaks again, softer, to the Viewer and not to Bina, "Please don't explode…"

She pulls the switch and there is a soft click.