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> Ask what she's looking for

Bina asks her what she is looking fo-

Her box of medical supplies of course!

This is just what she needs. Today of all days. Oh, look, you got blood on her desk as well. Did they think to take you to a doctor? No. Did they think to make sure that none of the volunteers could hurt themselves by, maybe, making the staging area safe? No, they just shove everyone in there and hope for the best.

And then! When an accident happens well they just send her to Josephine, like usual. It's not as though she was in the middle of anything important. It is not like there are fifty people waiting for her other just outside. It is not like she is going to revolutionize the world of particle physics and usher in a new era in one fell swoop!

Of course she can mend a scrape first!

Why should she have thought today would be any different!?

> Interrupt her with inquiries about hydration.

Bina tries again to inject a question into the ongoing monologue and asks if she could, maybe, have some water, like, not a lot, just like a cup - and the woman tells she'll get her some while filling the wash basin.

She also tells Bina that she should take off those bandages, but carefully! Carefully! Don't reopen the wounds. And if she does start to bleed again, to please bleed on the floor not on her desk. Please!

And don't touch THAT box, the one she was carrying, at all. It's dangerous.

And she is not to think of eating anything else in here, especially the beets up on the shelf, not unless she wants to get a bad case of phosphorous poisoning on top of her cuts.

The woman heads back out the door she came through, still talking, still ranting.

Piotr, apparently not afraid of large shouting women, trots after her.

From the other room she can hear the sound of a faucet turning on. And then the woman notices Piotr and turns her attention to the beagle.

And you! Little dog! You are not to shed on anything. If you get your fur everywhere and make her start sneezing she is going to turn you into earmuffs. See if she doesn't.

She's not kidding.


Not even if you are very cute.

Not even if you wag your tail at her like that. It will not help you. Just keep your fur where it belongs!