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Bina fills the washers.

She decides to not bother the strange man about the full washer. She's got about three full loads in her basket, and there are five empty ones.

That's three loads for these little ones. The ones on the other side have more space, but they're like three and a half dollars. It's cheaper to use three of these then two of the big ones.

She bundles her clothes into the washers -

- puts in the laundry detergent -

- and turns them on.

The washers hum to life with a 'Woooooosh….. whum, whum, whum.'

It looks like the man picked up his coat, and washed the floor. The cleaning wand is missing it's little pad doohicky.

The man asks if is good? The laundry. Good?

Bina tell him that yeah, is good.

There is a long pause.

He must be -baking- in that coat. Bina's just wearing a t-shirt and she's sweating. He seems upset by something, but she's too tired to care right now.

These washers are kind of crap, and they run for about forty minutes. Eurgh, it'll be almost 3:00am by the time they're done.

Bina yawns, and stretches. What now? Maybe she could nap on those chair-bench-things?