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Do you see that walkway?

Right! Yes. The walkway! Good idea.

Set up sniper nest on walkway.

It would be the perfect vantage.

Now she just has to manage four stories worth of uneven flights of stairs.

With her puffy, infected knees…

In less then seven minutes…

In the dark…

Relax. Breathe deeply. You can do this.

No problem!

That is not a problem. She can do this. She has to be able to do this, so she will do this.

It's fine.

It'll be -

"'Fine'?! Do you have any idea what you just did!?"

"Seriously Kendra! It's ok! You said yourself it's going to bypass this whole area."

"Yeah! But we don't - I mean - we drill it, or we, use one of the skill-saws and then we carefully] peel it away a bit at a time. We don't smash it with a hammer!"

"It'll work."

"But - "

"It'll work!"

"But what if it doesn't?"