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After a few minutes Bina pops her head back out the door.

"Hey! Where did you put the hazmat suits and stuff? The stuff we brought with us."

"They're in the mud room in the back," says Kendra. "Look - can you at least tell me what you're so excited about?"

"Check Six's notes! Those big drawings. Not the 'signal filters' one, it doesn't show enough of the surrounding components, the big one with the whole left wall. You'll see it!"

With that she pops back inside the house.


We're into the uncanny presque vu here. I could've sworn I'd read this before… Also, it's 'champagne', no 'i' in there.

Thank you for the spelling correction. Alas, I can't help you with your temporal displacement issues, much as I'd like too.

I've been called out a few times in the last little while for misuse of vortex manipulators so I'm afraid you're just stuck with it until you catch up with yourself again.

Best of luck!