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She tries just turning it on.


So she does what Kendra suggests and helps check the cables.

They spend some time on this.



"What about now!?"

"Still no."

"This is the bad one. I know it. All we have to do is replace it and-"

"Oh! Wait. There it goes! It's fine."


There are about fifty of them. The process of testing them is gruelling, but Kendra is meticulous. It takes hours.

Of that fifty, only two were maybe faulty, and neither was a sure thing. They replaced the wires, blew the dust from the sockets, check all the connections, but still nothing.

The Viewers refuse to so much as flicker.

After that, Kendra says she is going to replace the capacitors in one of the 'baffles', whatever those are. Bina's pretty sure she's just doing that because the alternative is redoing things she's already tried.