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The woman doesn't wait for an answer. She just launches in, full speed.

Good heavens look at her, all over blood. Jean-Francois will be so upset. They have been doing so well. One hundred and thirty two days with no injuries, a personal best. And then, when they are closed, when the factory is not even running, boom, this.

What was it? Did she fall on something? If someone has left one of those damned cargo hooks on the floor again she'll knock them flat. Dangerous wicked things. They know better. She told them, always hang up the tools when you finish with the cargo, but does anyone listen? Ha!

Someone stepped on one last year, and it went right through his boot.

Now you. She points at Bina, scoot. She must get her box.

Bina scoots away from the table.

The woman turns from her to Piotr and continues her monologue while lifting down some of the boxes from what Bina guesses is her desk