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"Soooo you're really into this Lash person, huh?"

"Yeah. I mean. Uh, yeah…"

Oh god. Are they going to have this conversation now?

"And they are youuuurr…?"

Welp. Better get this over with.


Bina considers leaving it at that, but honesty makes her continue.

"Maybe. I don't know. We - eurgh. It's complicated. We kinda broke up again, for the third time, a couple of months ago. It was pretty bad. I mean, breakups are usually pretty bad but this one was bad even as breakups go."

Kendra makes a non-committal noise so Bina continues.

"But then, like, last week, she messaged me on Skype out of nowhere, and we started talking again, and it was all, I don't know, normal I guess. Nice. Really nice actually, because she's my best friend, and I - we hadn't even talked since all the bad stuff happened and - anyway, she said she was coming to Montreal at the beginning of August and… I dunno. I dunno! I dunno what we are now."


This is what she picked up on. Great.


"So you're…?"

Bina debates briefly about leaving some ambiguity and decides against it.

"Gay. Yup. Super gay. That's me."

Please don't let this be a problem. Please don't let this be a problem. You're so cool Kendra. Please be cool about this.

"I'd kinda guessed."

"You had?"


"Well you blush like your face is on fire every time I do so much as hand you a cup of coffee, so either you're deeply embarrassed by physical contact or-"


"Sorry, but yeah. Just like that!"


"Hey! It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's cute."


So this went in a direction she didn't anticipate.