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Bina tries to find something to say, but the conversation dries up. The silence of the Moment that she'd been listening too all day creeps back in. Kendra stares off into the distance for a few moments, thinking, then sighs.

"Yeah. I got nothing. Nothing provable anyway. There's a dozen reasons why it might have happened, but we've got no evidence either way. We need more information."

That's about where Bina had gotten too, in her own thinking about the situation. Of course, it had taken her almost two days to reach that conclusion. They just didn't know enough, not for sure. Of course, Kendra had gotten there in about five minutes, and it had taken Bina the better part of two days.

"Can we go back to the house now? I kind of need to pee."

"Yeah, good idea, it's getting late."

Bina reaches up and helps Kendra down from the box thing.

"Thanks. We probably shouldn't leave Piotyr alone for too long."


Fanart for ya, sorry it's crappy:http://i429.photobucket.com/albums/qq11/ThayleL/Mobile%20Uploads/Fanarts/IMG_20150705_0749011072_zps6zi7jyhj.jpg"/>

It's not crappy! It's cool! Thank you very much!